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How to WASH your Ballroom & Latin Dresses

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How to WASH your Ballroom & Latin Dresses

How to WASH your Ballroom & Latin Dresses 

Have you ever wondered how to wash your Ballroom & Latin dresses? This also applies to any type of costume for dance except tutus.

Well, it is quite easy!

Let’s go through the Dos & Don’ts of ballroom/latin dress washing.

DON’T ever take your dress to a dry cleaner (BIG NO) because the chemicals & heat used there will melt the glue off your crystals and then you will be left with a dress no longer fit for use.

DO, use stain remover products – these are a godsend for fake tan marks, make up marks & body odour.

DON’T, use hot water only cold water is needed to wash your costumes!

DO wash your costume after every use (THIS IS A MUST) I’ll show you why soon!

Some products we swear by here at M&M Dance Supplies are….

  • Sard Super Power Stain Remover Spray
  • Sard Super Power Stain Remover Powder Soaker
  • Earth Choice Wool Wash



Now let's go through the steps of washing your costume!

  1. Check the dress for any marks and spray them with Sard Super Power Stain Remover Spray, make sure you apply a generous amount! Leave on for 15 minutes to 1 Hour depending on the stain.
  2. Once you have let that sit, then fill up a laundry sink or bathtub with COLD water, you then dilute the water with Earth Choice Wool Wash & if you need to add a little bit of Sard Super Power Stain Remover Powder Soaker
  3. Put the costume in and give it a good jiggle around in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. You should be able to see the water change colour.
  4. Then unplug the bath or sink and give the costume a good rinse under cold water.
  5. Try to squeeze out the excess water, place the costume into a towel and try and get as much moisture out of the costume.
  6. OPTIONAL – we find once you wrap it into a towel pop the dress in the spin cycle of your washing machine this will get rid of the excess moisture.
  7. Hang the dress with the leotard over the hanger and let drip dry

You may lose a few crystals here and there, but you should be able to collect them and glue them back on once dried.

Also with feathers you CANNOT get these wet, try & wash around them if they do get wet dry them really well with a towel.

You will then have to blow wave them to make them fluffy again.

See it’s so easy and only takes half an hour to do this, we do this after every hire and when we were dancing ourselves.

We pride ourselves having clean dresses to sell & to hire our clients.

We hope this helps and you can always contact us with any questions you have!



By Chelsea Boin

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