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Glues & Adhesives


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Elevate your dance costumes and accessories to the next level with our premium-quality adhesives specially designed for securing diamantés and crystals at M&M Dance Supplies. Whether you're embellishing leotards, costumes, shoes, or accessories, our adhesives offer reliable hold and long-lasting durability to ensure your sparkling creations stay in place through every performance and rehearsal.

Crafted with the needs of dancers and costume designers in mind, our adhesives provide a strong and secure bond without damaging delicate fabrics or materials. Designed to withstand the rigors of dance movements and stage performances, our adhesives offer flexibility and resilience, allowing you to move with confidence and grace while shining bright under the spotlight.

Experience the convenience and versatility of our adhesive products, suitable for a variety of diamantés, crystals, and embellishments. Whether you prefer flatback diamantés, or sew-on rhinestones, our adhesives offer the perfect solution for adhering sparkling accents to your dancewear and accessories with precision and ease.

With easy-to-use application methods and 24 hour drying times, our adhesives make it simple to create dazzling designs and intricate patterns without the need for sewing or stitching. Simply apply a small amount of adhesive to the costume and let dry for a secure and flawless finish.

Trust in the quality and reliability of our adhesive products to bring your creative vision to life and add a touch of glamour and sophistication to every dance ensemble. Whether you're preparing for a competition, recital, or stage performance, our adhesives ensure your costumes and accessories sparkle with unmatched brilliance and beauty, captivating audiences with every move.

Enhance your dancewear and accessories with our premium-quality adhesives and let your inner sparkle shine on and off the stage. Transform ordinary garments into extraordinary works of art and express your unique style and personality with dazzling designs that make a lasting impression.